Macro Photography

Macro of hornet Macro photography refers to a type of photography that focuses on capturing subjects from close-up, mostly creating an image that is larger than the life size of the subject.

For macro photography, a macro lens is necessary for optimum close-up and zooming capabilities. These lenses are equipped with extended focusing range, which allows photographers to take pictures of subjects that are very close to the camera with perfect focus and clarity.

In some cases, such as that of automatic and digital cameras, the camera has a macro mode that is built into the mechanism which modifies the lens’ arrangement for the improved refraction of images that are magnified.

Macro lenses are, in fact, the most expensive in the market, as they render the best quality pictures and improved focusing capabilities. However, there are more affordable alternatives to purchasing a macro lens. To save some money but still increase your camera’s focal length you can resort to extension tubes that are placed or screwed between the camera and the lens. Because the lengthening of the lens barrel reduces the entering of light, exposure meters must be used with caution.

Now, before attempting some macro photography for yourself, take a look at these quick tips:

– Set up the subject so that it’s parallel to the image plane. This will guarantee that the image is in focus and free of blur.

– Remember that the closer the camera is to the subject, the shorter the depth of field will be.

– To increase commonly short depths of field in macro photography, use a very narrow aperture.

– Due to the closeness to the subject in macro photography, tilt the camera or use perspective transformation to fix any perception of subject “falling over backwards.”

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