Tips for Camera Care

Money eating orange, swayambhu, Nepal Caring for your camera is actually quite simple if you don’t let dust and other small particles build up for too long. You should set aside some time once a month, or once a week if you are an active photographer, to clean and care for your camera.

Establishing a camera care routine is very important both for your camera and your consistency as a photographer. Small particles affecting the lens and moisture accumulating inside the film frame can affect the quality of your pictures.

First, you must clean your camera with a scratchless microfiber cloth. These ensure no additional lint is added to the camera and you don’t scratch the delicate lens of the viewing screen.

Once the exterior has been cleaned, open the back and use an air duster to clean small gaps, nooks, and corners. Make sure not to aim the duster spray into the film slot or any exposed mechanism within the chamber. (Note: Air duster sprays can be found at most hardware and office supply stores.)

Second, you ought to clean the lens using a small amount of lens cleaner to remove any small particles of dirt, lint, pollen, or dust that can stick on permanently over time.

If you notice that your lens gathers a lot of small particles, make sure to put the lens cover on when you are not using it and store it in a sealed camera bag for full protection.

Moisture can be detrimental to your camera as much as dust and pollen. It can watermark your lens, embed micro particles in it permanently, and ruin the mechanical system within the camera. To keep moisture away as much as possible, always store your film in plastic containers, carry batteries in sealable plastic bags, and use a silica gel can for photography to absorb unwanted moisture.

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